Pebbles Wearable

Pebbles Wearable is a contemporary line of African clothing.  During its evolution my clothing line has now developed into 7 different categories:-

1.  Bespoke Tailoring

A large portion of my time is taken designing and creating tailor made garments for clients specifications.  This gives the client total control over the fabric used, fit and the way the garment should ultimately be finished. Patience and great customer services are but a few qualities that are required for this to be executed to a high standard which may also require a number of fittings.

2. Customised/Personalised Clothing

Using the fine art of deconstruction, clothing can be transformed into something new and fresh, that no-one will have.  Applications range from hand painted designs, embroidered creations, applique, and alterations.  Whether you are looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself, together we can great something magical.

3.  Vintage Clothing

Following a love for the elegant timeless design of vintage clothing, I now have acquired a vast range of items ranging from:-

  *  Ladies/Mens Clothing

  *  Coats

  *  Bags & Accessories

This is an appointment only service.

4.  Off-The-Rail

Current designs, accessories and fabrics can be viewed, fitted and purchased in my south London studio.  Appointment only.

5.  On-Line Shopping

Pebbles Wearable creations can be purchased on-line.  Any "Sold Out" items can be re-created using an alternative choice of fabric.

6.  Personal Shopper/Stylist

Whether you're looking for a new addition to your wardrobe or a special event, delegate the responsibility onto me to find that unique attire for any occasion.  The consultation lasts for 1 hour during which time you will discuss your requirements and budget.  Advise will then be given on colour and designs for your body image and lifestyle.  Hourly rates available upon request.

7.  Style Consultant

If you need help with your personal style or business image and wardrobe, you have come to the right place.  As an Image Consultant & Personal Stylist I would love to help you discover and develop your personal style, make the best of your image and help change the way you feel, look and shop - forever...   Rates available upon request.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the above or to make an appointment for a fitting or consultation at my south London studio:-

Tel:  07401 108 680 (UK)

E:    Naturalpebbles@hotmail.com

Thank you for choosing Pebbles Wearable....