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Pebbles Wearable

About Us

Pebbles Wearable

Pebbles Wearable is an overall umbrella covering natural holistic health/well-being with a touch of creativity.

Its natural growth has now taken my journey 360 degrees to the point at which I started my stand alone journey over 20 years ago where a co-owned a Health & Detox Spa in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica with my then partner at the time, Dr Aris Latham (Phd).

This immense experience exposed me to master complex skills and duties in the day-to-day running of an entire business to research and compiling information handouts when conducting health lectures.

After bidding farewell to the love of making clothing I have now reconnected to the source of innermost love - Health & Wellbeing.   This journey has now taken me to completing the following courses and now becoming a qualified & insured practitioner in the following alternative well-being disciplines:-

*  Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
*  Spa Detox & Body Wrapping Treatments
*  Indian Head Massage
*  Crystal Healing Practitioner
*  Acu-Sound Therapy
*  Hopi Ear Candling
*  Lymphatic Draininage Massage
*  Hot Stone Massage
*  Warm Bamboo Massage
*  Reiki
*  Reflexology 
*  Navel Candling & Abdominal Detox
*  Bio Resonance Health Scan Consultation 

Whilst the creative element of my being will always be there, making earrings and crystal jewellery - natural health care and well-being and all its glory is now an integral part of my here and now journey.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the above or to make an appointment for a fitting or consultation at my south London space

Tel:  07401 108 680 (UK)

E:    [email protected]




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